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~ for tweens ~


With a creative book club experience!

Designed for tweens ages 10-12, my live Zoom sessions provide an enriching experience focused on fostering confidence, creativity, and social connection.

Each month, we'll explore a new book filled with themes of resilience, empowerment, and self-discovery. Through interactive discussions and creative activities, tweens will delve into the world of each story, uncovering valuable insights and forging connections with fellow readers.



We will be gathering once a week for four weeks, with each lesson lasting 50 minutes.

Creative activities may vary each month depending on the book we read.


Let's Talk!
Book Discussion

Introduction To Class

Get To Know Each Other

Guided Book Discussion


Cover Redesign

Guided Book Discussion

What Inspired You?

Recreate Cover Design


Vision Boards

Guided Book Discussion

What Empowers You?

Create Vision Board


Positive Vibes

Guided Book Discussion

What makes you happy?

Design Positive Bookmarks

Small Groups

I encourage your child to invite a group of friends to join this book club together. Sharing the experience with familiar faces can enhance comfort levels, promote mutual accountability, and foster deeper relationships.

Friend groups are not required though! I am happy to create separate groups of students who are interested in meeting new people. In either case, book club meeting times will be arranged to accommodate both my availability and the group's preferences.

Groups of 3 - 5 students are ideal. If you prefer a smaller or larger group, please email me so we can discuss available options.

Age Range

This book club is designed for children ages 10-12. However, recognizing that children develop at different rates, if you have a younger or older child whom you believe would benefit from this group, please send me an email before signing up. This way, we can discuss any necessary adjustments.

If you have younger or older children and are interested in a book club tailored to their age group, please let me know! I'm committed to offering enjoyable and educational opportunities for kids of all ages.


During the sessions, I'll showcase our creative activities using Canva, providing examples to inspire their own work. However, as this isn't a class on how to use Canva, detailed tutorials on the program won't be provided.


Children are encouraged to use any method they're comfortable with to create their projects, whether it's through other graphic design software, drawing, coloring, or painting.

Hello there!

I'm Christy, and I'm delighted to introduce myself as I prepare to spend time with your children. Before launching Writing Star Academy, my own educational initiative, I had the privilege of serving as a college instructor. Armed with a master's degree in Human Development & Family Science, I specialized in guiding students majoring in family services, gerontology, and social work.

In my teaching journey, I discovered the effectiveness of fostering discussions and assigning memoirs to help students grasp real-world situations. Now, as I transition into leading a dynamic kids' book club, I'm eager to bring this expertise to create a vibrant learning atmosphere. Here, children will have the opportunity to explore  inspiring books, express themselves, and nurture their love for reading.

I'm genuinely excited about embarking on this journey with your children!

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Want to add your name to the wait list or just have questions?  Let me know!

Thanks for reaching out! ⭐ I'll be in touch soon.

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